Apprising Sony’s Windows 8 Powered Vaio T Ultrabook »

Ultrabooks have become so popular today, that computer manufacturers are vying with each other to launch their new ultrabooks in the already overcrowded market. It is noticeable that most of these manufacturers are making devices that run on the new Windows 8 from Microsoft. People seem to have well adapted to touchscreen devices, as is […]

How to Dual Boot Windows 8 and Windows 7 »

‘Charm’ and ‘Metro’ are buzzing and they are buzzing hard. With Windows 8 out, you’d want to give it a try but there may be a lot of factors that stop you from doing so. Before we explain how to dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 8, let’s look at them individually. Windows 7 After months […]

App Development Tips for Windows 8 »

The new Windows 8 is released and it is easy to develop apps for it. Microsoft officials claim that the Windows 8 app development program is so simple that it can be handled even by non developers. The entire process of creating and submitting an app is quite easy. The Metro style design, speed and […]

A Pre-Release Comparison between Windows 8 Tablets and Android Tablets »

While Apple has undoubtedly ruled the tablet space so far, new players have recently entered the arena with innovative devices all set to give the iPad stiff competition. Microsoft’s Surface tablets running on Windows 8 and the many Android tablets are the new players on the field. But before Windows and Android tablets can get […]

AMD’s Z-60 Chip to Enter Windows 8 Arena »

AMD abbreviated as Advanced Micro Devices, is an American company based in California. The company is popular for creating desktop and laptop processors. With the launch of new Z60 chipset, the company aims to make it big in the chipset market. The new chip also known as Hondo, boasts of an ultra lean design that […]