App Development Tips for Windows 8

win updateThe new Windows 8 is released and it is easy to develop apps for it. Microsoft officials claim that the Windows 8 app development program is so simple that it can be handled even by non developers. The entire process of creating and submitting an app is quite easy. The Metro style design, speed and ease in navigation and the support it offers for multiple states and devices are all that easy to handle. However, the great news is that Microsoft has undertaken to leave only a third of that work to you while they promise to take care of a major two thirds of the tasks.

Since it is a three-star application, it is easy to use though the design and functions qualify it to for a four-star rating. The aspiring developers can always depend on using Microsoft’s Dev Center to do most of the work for them. The Windows store is accessible worldwide, complete with the back-end analytics. With the help of the powerful tools, code and design tools, people should be able to code in many languages like HyperText Markup Language or HTML, Extensible Application Markup Language or XAML, Javascript etc using Visual Basic. The great thing is that the tools that you need to develop Windows 8 come free of charge and you can take advantage of the option to use local and cloud services.

You first need to reach the Dev Center at This is where you will find Metro Style apps dashboard which is the point at which you enter. You have the option to create an app as a project and use it to your advantage. You will find tutorials that explain how to code Windows 8 apps, you will also find some code samples. The samples are available in multiple languages, and you can select the one you want. To code your app, you can download the Windows 8 RP at the Dev Center along with other useful tools. You also have the Support tab and Community, and the Windows Runtime Component enables multiple languages that can work at tandem in the same app.

What’s more, you will be able to preview a basic app without any content, even before you start writing the code. All you need to do is to tweak from there. When you pass over code in Visual Studio you will be able to view your app while it runs, and can code it. You can check out how it appears on different screen sizes and various aspect ratios. You can even take screen shots of the apps still in development to help along in the design process.

For social and email options, all you need to do is to add in the code for ‘Share’. You can work on the design to improve it by visually changing the application in Visual Basic Blend, a tool that has the interface similar to the one of a DTP program. You can use the Windows device to automatically stream videos to Xbox with zero code. The app runs on X86 Windows 8 and Windows RT devices, and you can create your app and submit it to the Windows Store to have it listed.

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