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Be the first to test Bitdefender 2016 Beta »

2015 is almost half gone and it’s time for all security software companies to start testing and rolling out new products for the new year. Bitdefender is no different. The company is bringing out a new version of its flagship security product Bitdefender Antivirus, one of the most efficient and reliable antivirus programs. I have used Bitdefender myself for some time […]

A Sneak Peek at the World’s Deadliest Computer Viruses »

Computer viruses are not unusual or a new concept. They’ve been troubling the tech-savvy population of the world for many years and will probably do so for many years to come. From jamming an application to rendering a computer inoperable, everything is possible for a computer virus. And just as the sophistication of anti-virus programs is […]

Free Adware Removal Application for Macs »

Adware are also called Ad-injection software, which support advertising and can come from multiple download sites. These are the system hijackers and unwanted programs that may infect your Apple Mac OS X operating system. Adware is customized on free-to-download programs, which you install from websites, after which you might see pop-up windows, ads, and graphics while accessing the Internet. […]

5 Ways to Prevent a Computer Virus »

No one wants a virus or malware to obstruct the functionality of their computer, but the increasing use of the internet and email has increased the risk of virus attacks. A virus can not only corrupt your data but can also wreak havoc on your hard disk and operating system. A virus or malware attack […]

Cybersecurity: Identifying cyber threats, virus attacks and more on your website »

Today, many phases of our life depend on the World Wide Web. We literally cannot function without even checking our email inbox. Our day is incomplete without surfing on social networking websites. Our entertainment source seems a miss if watching movies and listening to songs online is not a part of it. Moreover, different businesses […]