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Recovery of PC Memoirs After the Demise of »

PC Memoirs is back! Read on if you are interested in finding out how PC Memoirs disappeared and came back from the dead. It might help some other imountain customers who lost their websites without warning. Sometime in February 2013 my blog went offline and it didn’t come back. At first I thought, it’s just a temporary thing […]

PC Memoirs is coming back soon! »

Welcome back dear readers! After the fiasco with my previous hosting company and almost losing my blog, PC Memoirs is slowly making a return! It was quite a strange experience. Can you imagine a hosting company simply cutting the lines and not even informing their clients? I was so angry, but I guess many people lost […]

Welcome! »

Welcome to my PC Memoirs blog! Here you can find help with desktop computers, laptops and Windows XP/Vista operating systems. Some of the topics covered: Windows error messages Blue screen of death Virus and spyware removal Identifying and replacing faulty hardware Internet connection Installing drivers Wireless network Undoing/repairing PC crashes Increasing PC performance USB connection Useful […]