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How to Backup Multiple Computers on the Network at the Same Time? »

For any enterprise, it’s reasonably easy to back up just one or a handful of computers, but backing up all workstations on a big corporate network seems like a very complicated task. It comes as no surprise that enterprises are constantly looking for better ways to back up all computers simultaneously. After all, in today’s competitive world, […]

5 Ways to Secure Your LAN from Hacking »

With the abundance of portable devices being used these days, most LANs (Local Area Networks) are now wireless; whether they are implemented for regular home or business use. Of course, with this free flow of data travelling through the air, the greatest concern most people have is whether a wireless LAN is truly secure, and […]

Deploying Applications on Networked Windows 8 PCs »

To install an application on a system, your physical presence is required as you’ll need to go through certain wizard based steps and complete necessary installation steps before using that application. However, there are tools which allow IT administrators and managers to remotely install applications on PCs connected over the network. All you need is […]

Fool Proof Guide to Ping Loopbacks » is a set of numbers that you may have heard a technician on the phone tell you to type on your computer screen. This odd number series is called a loopback address, which is also called the local host. These things may sound like very technical things but really they’re not. Add to that […]