Welcome to the PC Memoirs blog,

I set up this Web site to share some of the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years and help other PC users across the world solve their PC problems.

As you may know, Windows operating systems don’t always perform as intended and they can produce all sorts of errors and unexpected results. Similarly, PC components can fail and it’s not always easy to identify which one needs to be replaced.

I have learned a lot about computers in the last ten years and I decided to share some of the solutions to the PC problems I experienced. I hope someone out there will find this information useful.

The blog includes advice on virus and spyware removal, operating systems installations and repair, identifying and replacing faulty parts and removing annoying error messages. More recently, I have added reviews, news and general technology articles.

The technical advice is intended for all audiences. Some topics are intended for beginners and some for more advanced users.

If you have a computer related problem, look for a solution here. If the problem is not listed or you have a suggestion, you can contact me and send me a new challenge! My success rate so far has been 100%. I’d like to believe there is a solution to every PC problem!

Enjoy your time at PC Memoirs and thanks for visiting.

PC Memoirs admin