Make A YouTube Video Easily with YouTube Movie Maker

Watching YouTubeAs we all know, content is at the heart of a YouTuber’s success. In addition to the content itself, a suitable video editing software is necessary to make a good video. There are many applications for making videos, and YouTube Movie Maker is one in particular.

YouTube Movie Maker is a video production tool for YouTubers that allows you to create, upload, manage, and promote YouTube videos. There are special features and effects built into the software that allows creators to create personalized videos.

How to make a video using YouTube Movie Maker

Step 1 – Import the video

First, click the red plus sign at the top left of the software to import the video material from the local computer. Then right-click on the video to add it to the timeline.

Video editing

video editing

Step 2 – Edit the video and add various effects.

Once we add the video, we can edit it. You can adjust the video’s length, size, color, shape, and border. You can also add special effects to the video, including transitions, text effects, particle effects, mask effects, 3d effects, and sound effects.

Most common features can be found in the feature buttons at the top of the material window. Just drag it to the video line to add. Besides, you can also right-click on the video, select the required functions to use.

video editing screenshot

Movie-Maker screenshot

You can always preview the video by clicking on the “Preview” button on the right side of the window.

Movie-Maker screenshot

Step 3 – Export the video

When the video is finished, we can just click the “Render” button to export the video. Alternatively, we could post the video directly to YouTube via software, just by clicking the “Publish” button.

video editing

The main features of YouTube Movie Maker:

  • Upload Videos To YouTube
  • Batch upload and convert various formats videos onto YouTube
  • Batch input video Titles, Tags, Description, Category for a bunch of videos
  • Split video to multiple parts then upload onto YouTube
  • Join mutliple video clips together then upload onto YouTube
  • Add watermark video/photo on the videos then upload onto YouTube
  • Crop the videos then upload onto YouTube
  • Manage and Promote Videos on YouTube
  • Promote uploaded YouTube videos
  • Modify Titles, Category, Tags, Description, privacy, etc. of the uploaded YouTube video
  • Create/Make 2D and 3D Videos
  • Edit Videos/MoviesAudios/Music/SoundPictures/Photos/Icons
  • Convert Videos/Movies between different formats
  • Add Texts/Subtitles/Lyrics
  • Record/Capture Screen Video, including videos from cameras, capture cards, etc.
  • Record/Capture Audios from an audio device or audio input pin.
  • Powerful Lyrics video maker
  • Customize Template
  • Import Template
  • Add Special Effect/Audio Shake Effect/Motion Effect
  • Add Mask Effect/Particles Effect/Text Effect/Transition Effect
  • Change Video Shape and Color
  • Video Chroma Key (Green/Blue screen video)
  • Mix Videos and Audios (Overlay Videos/Pictures, PIP Effect, Pics in Pic/Videos in Video, etc.)
  • Video and Audio Editing (cut, trim, split, join, mix, merge, crop,resize, rotate, zoom in/out, speed up/down, stretch video, keep the ratio of the video, fill blur for keep ratio, etc.)
  • Hardware Acceleration

Making videos using YouTube Movie Maker is a simple matter. If you have more specialized requirements, the software also supports the customization of various effects. The more often you use it, the more powerful it becomes. You can download free YouTube Movie Maker without watermark:

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