PDF Page Merger: Merge Multiple PDF Pages into a Single Page

We all heard about PDF combining, the process of joining two or more PDFs to produce a single file that contains the contents of all the combined documents. But how about merging PDF pages?

Yes, PDF page merging is another PDF-related process  for putting multiple PDF pages together, but within the same PDF file.

If you are in need of a utility that can help you merge PDF pages, then PDF Page Merger is worth a try. This awesome application is an easy-to-use tool that lets you quickly merge PDF pages.

Merge multiple PDF pages

Make Sure You Open the Correct PDF

Keep in mind that this program was not designed to merge PDF files, so you won’t be able to load more than one PDF document at once. Also, the PDF you wish to process must have more than one page, or else there will be nothing to work with.

Easy to Set Up

After a PDF is open, you can instantly proceed to merge its pages. The program is set to merge all pages and set the page size to A4 by default. In case you need to change these properties, you can go to the options beneath the preview box. From there you can set to merge only every second page or modify the paper size – fpor example if you are going to print the end result on larger pages. When everything is set up as required, just click on the Merge Now button and wait for the new PDF file to be created.

Furthermore, if you decide to add an ‘open password’ for your output PDF file, you can easily do that from the menu bar. Go to Edit menu and look for the Open Password item. The combination can be used to prevent unauthorised users from accessing and viewing the document’s contents.

Feature List of PDF Page Merger

  • Merge multiple PDF pages into one-page PDF
  • Customize the number of PDF pages on each page
  • Select which PDF pages can be merged
  • Save the Printer Ink for Bulk Printing
  • Merge every 2 or 4 pages into one page with one click
  • Customize PDF paper size
  • Merge the whole PDF file into a single page PDF file
  • Customize PDF page rotation and orientation
  • Keep the original PDF content quality
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Portable ZIP version available


PDF Page Merger is a lightweight and handy tool with a single and well-determined purpose – to merge together multiple pages of the same PDF.

Availability of PDF Page Merger

The free version of PDF Page Merger allows the processing of PDFs with up to 100 pages; the Pro version does not have any limitation. However, all visitors can get the serial key from the homepage and upgrade to the Pro version for free before Oct 15th, 2020.

Homepage: https://pdfpagemerger.com

Download: https://pdfpagemerger.com/download.html

How to activate the Pro version for free

First, install the free version of the PDF Page Merger on your Windows PC. Then click in the software on the “Upgrade to Pro” button in the menu bar and insert the license key PPM58690DMVUING. After restarting the program, the Pro version is activated.


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