5 Smart Tips for Charming Ecommerce Customers (and Winning Their Business)

EcommerceEcommerce is a competitive niche these days. The good news is that there are plenty of customers to go around for every new startup. You just need to know how to attract and grow a loyal following.

Visiting PC Memoirs can offer insight on how to best hit the web with your brand. For more tips on getting started with eCommerce, read on.

Evaluate Your Cash Flow

One of the perks of launching a digital business is that overhead costs are typically low. Still, you may find that working capital or startup funds for hiring workers or purchasing equipment becomes a necessity. Utilizing funding options can help you approach business expenses confidently – and reach your goals sooner.

Both government and private funding sources are available, including Small Business Administration loans and other lending programs. Explore your options before spending your personal credit on any business expenses.

Start with Your Website

Creating an attractive website is the first step in attracting your ideal customers. A site that’s easy to navigate and showcases your products or service can do wonders for inspiring confidence in your consumer base.

For many business owners, WordPress hosting is an excellent option for standard websites and blogs. It’s easy to maintain on your own and shows customers you’re serious about your brand. After all, WordPress is the most widely used platform; 37 percent of all websites are hosted there, according to Envisage Digital. Consumers trust WordPress, and you can, too.

Develop a Marketing Approach

Depending on your business model, you may plan on marketing through multiple channels. Social media is a must for entrepreneurs on a budget, but you can also explore paid advertisements. Regardless, pinning down your target market is a priority before you begin pushing ads.

You’ll start with A/B testing to see what formula works for generating interest in your site or product. It’s a trial and error approach that highlights the best way to reach your customers and achieve the action you’re hoping for.

Once you have a solid formula for attracting clients, honing your sales funnel is the next step. A sales funnel nudges would-be customers toward purchasing your product or investing in your service. Sales funnels can be automated and fine-tuned to work hard so you don’t have to, notes Entrepreneur.

Prioritize Mobile Experiences

A marketing plan is a great start for attracting your target audience, but there’s one place you’re almost guaranteed to attract consumers: online. Optimizing your website for smartphone users is essential; Business Insider notes that sales projections estimate that 45 percent of all eCommerce will happen on mobile devices by the end of 2020.

While your web developer can help with the setup, you can ensure that your website is mobile-friendly by employing these content techniques:

  • Space out the copy on your blog posts and content pages to make it easier to skim and scroll through.
  • Keep the design simple; don’t add tons of high-res images or auto-start videos on your webpages.
  • Skip flash players and similar plugins that use up bandwidth.
  • Ensure that all your menus and buttons work on mobile and that your color scheme doesn’t camouflage important elements.

Form Relationships with Consumers

You might see your consumers as dollar signs, and that makes sense. But cultivating a relationship with shoppers is the ideal way to encourage their loyalty. Offering coupons and rewards programs is one way to re-invest in your consumer base.

You can also delight online customers by rounding out your brand and encouraging customer engagement. Heading online to where your audience hangs out on social media can help you connect to them and encourage conversations about and feedback on your products.

Growing a business from scratch used to be impossible without a ton of startup cash and a big team. By going the eCommerce route, you can keep costs low and engagement high, creating a business model you can work with. Looking for advice on navigating digital tools and creating a website on your own? Check out PC Memoirs for information and expert opinions.

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