AMD’s Z-60 Chip to Enter Windows 8 Arena

amd-z-60-apuAMD abbreviated as Advanced Micro Devices, is an American company based in California. The company is popular for creating desktop and laptop processors. With the launch of new Z60 chipset, the company aims to make it big in the chipset market. The new chip also known as Hondo, boasts of an ultra lean design that can handle Windows 8. Z60 is capable enough to compete against chipset manufacturing giants like Intel, Nvidia and Chipzilla. The Z60 chipset is designed to consume low power and provide high performance.

According to the company, the chip will provide more than 10 hours of battery life for Windows 8 powered tablets. Intel has also pledged similar kind of performance from its Clover Trail. This would lead to old fashioned chip fight between the two multinational chip manufacturing giants.

To defeat its competitors, AMD has focused largely on the visualization. The company claims that Z60 has five times better graphics performance than Intel’s previous chipset Cedar Trail. The most important use of the graphics card is for games or watching movies. The chip boasts of 1920 x 1200 resolutions over HDMI. However, AMD has admitted that watching 720p movies would provide the best experience than watching a 1080p movie.

Hondo consists of two processing cores and consumes only 4.5 watts of power. The chip runs at 1.0Ghz and is equipped with Radeon HD 6250 graphics. As mentioned earlier, it can support 1080p videos but 720p videos perform much better. Gamers are the most benefitted from this chip as they requirement of high visualization graphics. In addition to that the chip is attuned to perform well with USB 3.0 ports. It also includes 6Gb SATA disk support and copes well with DirectX11.

Another positive aspect of the chip is that it can boot Windows within 30 seconds. Most of the time people lose their patience while booting any OS. It can also connect with networks in less than 2 seconds. The battery life of any device depends upon the nature of work performed. As mentioned earlier the battery life extends for more than 10 hours when doing any presentation. It can last for around eight hours while browsing on the internet and six hours while watching video.

The main competitor for Z60 is Windows RT tablets using ARM microprocessor. However, the company claims that to run full scale applications, the new low power chip provides better compatibility. Its main rival in the chip market Intel’s processor i3-3217U consumes more power. The Intel’s processor consumes 17 watts, which is far higher than that of Z60.

According to the vice president of AMD, Steve Belt, this Z60 is an affordable and performance driven chip for all tablet user looking for a great experience on Microsoft Windows 8 platform. However, this is not the only chip that reduces power consumption. Clover Trail consumes 1.8Ghz and 3 watts when used with Windows 8 powered tablets. It can also last long for around 10 hours of High definition videos.

Against Intel chips, AMD has a tough challenge to win as former is a few process generation ahead. The lower cost of the chip might be an advantage over Intel. With the release of its own chipset, AMD has proved that it is capable of competing with the modern generation technology.

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