What Exactly is a DVI Extender?

Cat5-DVI-ExtenderA DVI extender is the ideal solution for those who need to transmit DVI signals over long distances, over single Cat5 or Cat6. A DVI over Cat5 solution is used to extend the distance a DVI display can be located from a DVI-based computer. It uses inexpensive network cables (Cat5 or newer) for connecting the source/input and receiving /output devices.  The images are delivered without loss of signal and are bright and sharp.  High resolutions up to 1920×1200 are supported by these devices. A local transmitter is placed next to the video source and a receiver is placed next to the display device and the two are connected via UTP or STP cables.

Benefits of Using a DVI over Cat5 Extender

There are several benefits of using a DVI extender not the least of which is that it allows a digital display, monitor, or television to operate up to 300 feet away from the DVI video source.  The host digital device is connected to the monitor using cheap network cable such as the Cat5e/6. There are many instances where you don’t want to have computers located in the same place as a monitor.  Perhaps you run a dental office and want to display a video about dental hygiene on a LCD television in the waiting room. Or you could mount a shelf and place the DVD player on a shelf next to the monitor, but there are concerns for unauthorized people accessing the player. A better idea is to secure the DVD player in a room out of sight leaving the monitor mounted on the wall.  The receptionist can control the DVR via a remote or by accessing it directly.

The Cat5/6 network cable is very flexible and easier to run longer distances through ceilings, under floors and through walls.  These devices support very high resolutions up to 1900×1200@60Hz.  DVI extenders are very easy to install.  Just plug it in and the source and target devices automatically recognize the device.  They are compatible with all the leading operating systems such as Windows, MAC, and UNIX.

What to look for when purchasing A DVI extender

A DVI over Cat5 extender consists of a transmitter and receiver device each plugging into their respective counterparts.  The transmitter connects to the video source such as a DVD player, and the receiver plugs into the DVI monitor.  The monitor or display must be digital.  The Cat5/6 cable connects the two devices.

It’s a good idea to measure the distance the signal will travel between the devices.  The maximum distance for a Cat5 DVI Extender is 300 feet. If you need to get more distance, then you’ll need to look into a DVI extender that uses fiber optic cable.  This extends the capability up to 3,280 feet – over half a mile!

Need support?  Make sure the company you purchase from offers technical support you can call and not just technical guides you have to read.

Have more Questions? 

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