Top 4 Internet Security Suite – A Review

comodoEvery one of us wants to stay protected. Most of us rely on the top class Antivirus and Firewall software to protect our machines from various attacks. With the growing number of Antivirus and Firewalls, most of us get confused on which software offers the best protection and which one will be our best fit.

Norton Internet Security 2013                                                                                  

Keeping in mind the various requirements of the consumer and also the newest Windows 8, the Symantec Company has come up with a three tiered protection against virus and all kinds of spam. A simple antivirus, an internet security and finally a 360 degree protection make up the entire list. The following features would make this software stand out to be the best.

1. The installations are quick and impressively restart-less. Quorum, the behavior based detection system allows for seamless updates, without any hassles.

2. With the increased vulnerability among the social networks, an internet security suit which has been designed with the popular social networking vulnerabilities and attacks in mind would be the best choice for those people who have a craze towards social networks.

3. Some additional features that are available in Norton Internet Security 2013 are the Scam Insight, which alerts us on risky sites and also tracks IP addresses. The System Insight warns the user about the functions which are bogging down the system. The SONAR looks for suspicious software and malware and is one of the reasons that make this antivirus highly formidable and intensively focused.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

It is a cloud based operating system that is specifically for online security and most importantly, is a radical approach to protection of vital information. We might not consider scan run times and registered portals as important but, this antivirus does. After the initial scan of a computer, this antivirus typically takes only two to three minutes to perform an entire PC check of viruses or bug fixes.

One of its most proud achievements is the one-of-a-kind security portal, which automatically updates all the settings of registered computers once the settings on one computer, has been changed. This antivirus can be used alone or can act as an extra defense against online threats. It can run almost four computers under one code and is a versatile and effective form of protection.

Zone Alarm Antivirus

Zone Alarm as an antivirus, essentially has two important and distinctive parts that work together as a whole. The two sections are essentially- the firewall, and the virus features including the security controls.

  1. The firewall is an easy-to-use protection, that is very easy to maintain and highly effective to use. The configuration is much simpler, with its modern and stylish interface, so as to cater to the usability needs of all consumers. The firewall has a triple layer protection system that allows various degrees of security to different sites and local networks.
  2. The virus features include, enhanced detection of virus and wireless networks, which can be potential threats. The intelligent antivirus scanner, blocks both incoming and outgoing attacks. Finally, the highly advanced Heuristic Detection Algorithm uses a behavior scanner to detect and limit actions by absolutely new viruses.

Comodo Internet Security

A free antivirus that can protect a computer from worms, viruses, Trojans, and other threats and give detailed reports on it, the Comodo can detect viral activity in a jiffy. The .zip files are also scanned, as they are the unrecognized files. This is also a cloud based scanner, that does not let any untrustworthy or malware, function near important documents or files. The newest version has a lot of improvements.

  1. The antivirus has the newest feature called the Trustconnect that automatically detects all the unsecured wireless connections in the vicinity and alerts the user when he tries to connect to one of those wireless networks.
  2. Smart Scan helps in faster scanning and improved malware detection. Security is also much improved, since a lot of bug fixes have been made.

A choice from among these four Antivirus and Firewalls would protect your computer system from hackers and other internet security threats, to the maximum extent.

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