Desktop PC – Call Me a Dinosaur! »

PC technology is truly amazing.  Apple has just released its watch computer with virtually every app you might want, and others that you may download.  Everyone has a tablet and is coveting an iPhone 6, in order to be fully “computerized” wherever s/he may be on the planet.  We can draw, paint, develop a graph […]

Why Using A Virtual PC Isn’t As Hard As You Think »

The reason why you will want to learn how to use Virtual PC is it allows you to run more than a single operating system on a Windows computer. This has many uses, but the most important is it will keep your main OS safe. Here is a step by step guide. Step 1 Download […]

AVA Direct Mini Gaming PC – Review »

For people who have space constraints, the AVA Direct Mini Gaming PC offers the best solution. It is quite small, measuring just 15.5 inches in length, 9.6 inches in width and is just 13.9 inches in height. It sits pretty tiny and does not resemble a PC, maybe it looks like a miniature version of […]

Windows 8 Consumer Preview’s Impact on PC Performance »

On February 29, 2012, Microsoft released the long-awaited Consumer Preview of Windows 8. With it, the company not only unveiled a new Metro interface and several features to improve the overall Windows experience, but also assured consumers that its newest operating system (OS) would provide enhanced system performance, no matter if they are using high- […]

What to Do if your Mac/PC has a Problem? »

Our computers are machines that work according to our given instructions, but sometimes, they act like human beings, as when they are given any wrong instruction, they start acting abnormally. As a result, you may get really annoyed and cannot complete any task on your PC. Abnormal Activities of the System Most common abnormal activities […]