What to Do if your Mac/PC has a Problem?

BSDOur computers are machines that work according to our given instructions, but sometimes, they act like human beings, as when they are given any wrong instruction, they start acting abnormally. As a result, you may get really annoyed and cannot complete any task on your PC.

Abnormal Activities of the System

Most common abnormal activities of the systems are:

  • Displaying wrong errors in the form of pop-ups
  • System freeze or halt
  • Blue screen
  • Un-occasional system shutdowns etc.

Why Systems Behave Abnormally?

There are many reasons behind abnormal behavior of your system. It may be because of:

  • Installing new software
  • Uninstalling software
  • The presence of any corrupt software already installed on your PC etc.

Therefore, to make it perform normally, you need to cleanup your system. BUT, system cleanup should be sequential and you need to follow some tips as well. Those tips are given below:

Disk Cleanup

You should cleanup your disk first. If you are using Windows 7, then:

  • Click on Start menu
  • Type disk cleanup or you can open this from administrative tools
  • Select the drive you want to clean

And, if you are windows user, then:

  • Go to My computer
  • There, you will see all drives of your computer. Right click on C drive (C: ) and select properties
  • Here, you will see different tabs, select General tab and click on “Disk Cleanup” (Displays the estimated space that can be freed by running the disk cleanup)

“Patience is virtue”

  • So, have some patience, it will take some time to cleanup your disk. Once the process is complete, a window will appear having an OK button
  • Click on OK button to finish the process

Removing Unnecessary Programs

You should remove such programs that you are not using to cleanup your PC. For removing such programs:

  • Go to Start menu
  • Click on Control Panel
  • Select ADD/Remove programs
  • Select such programs that you want to uninstall from your system
  • Do not forget to check other programs after cleaning your PC or Mac

Normally, removing unnecessary files or programs from your PC may increase your system’s general performance and will definitely change abnormal working into normal behavior.

Third Party Cleaners

If any of the above mentioned steps did not work, then you should now use registry cleaner or third party tools to cleanup your PC. There are hundreds of apps available that you can use to cleanup your PC, but here, the tough part is to select some good cleaning software with really good rating and reviews. You shall not make compromises about the quality of software, because if you choose any wrong software, you will have to repent. It may damage your disk as well.

By following these simple tips, you can easily cleanup your system, can make the systems perform better without acting abnormally and most of all, it will boost up the speed of your PC.

Tim Edmonds is a freelance technical writer interested in registry cleaner reviews and Clean My Mac software.

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