New Gaming Considerations In A PC World »

If you’re a die-hard Nintendo fan you might want to curb your enthusiasm. Nintendo is still a generation behind Microsoft and Sony (and Valve) in the online space. The 3DS uses archaic friend codes, and there’s not even a simple messaging service on the system. That means you have to find people by name if […]

How to Dispose of Your Old PC »

Unless you still use your Pentium 1 and Windows 95, you must have changed a few computers over the years. If you have done this, you may know that getting rid of old computers is not easy. You have to consider the security and environmental impacts when disposing of old hardware. First, you need to […]

Turn Your USB Stick into a PC with CodySafe Σ »

Would you like to turn your USB drive into a “PC on a stick“? If yes, then you need CodySafe Sigma, a great software that allows you to create a portable system for management of your favorite applications, documents and settings. You can launch your programs or open files on any computer without installation. And […]

System Mechanic »

Have you ever heard of System Mechanic? Until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t. I am always looking for software that speeds up slow computers and cleans the hard drive, and I just found a new one. System Mechanic is a program that’s designed to clean, fix, speed up and repair your PC. It is created […]

Why Does a PC Freeze? »

Almost every PC user I know had this problem at some stage: a computer that freezes. I bet you’ve seen it too: you are surfing the Web, writing a document or playing a game, when suddenly everything stops and you can’t do anything with your PC. It doesn’t respond to input from your mouse or […]