EaseUS Partition Master – Download for Free »

Ever since Partition Magic was discontinued, I’ve been looking for a decent free alternative. Partition Magic used to be so powerful and easy to work with, and I thought nothing will be able to replace it – at least no other free version. However, as years go by, new companies and new products come to the market, […]

Advantages of Storing Data in the Cloud »

In the era of the mobile device boom, it’s not all about your PC anymore. As an increasing number of people scatter their data across PCs, smartphones and tablets, managing data across all these devices becomes a true challenge. Obviously, if there weren’t for cloud computing applications, mobile devices couldn’t have advanced at all but, […]

Free PowerPoint Templates »

I was asked to create a PowerPoint presentation at work and teach a few colleagues the basics of Microsoft Excel. I didn’t have much time to make my own design, so I searched the Net for free PowerPoint templates. A simple Google search returned many Web sites that offer nicely designed templates for free. Here […]

LogMeIn – Free Remote Access & VPN software »

Do you need to access your home computer from your office or during a business trip? Do you need to fix your friend’s computer without having to visit him/her? If yes, you must install LogMeIn. The software is free for personal use and it allows you to connect to a remote computer anywhere in the […]

Find Free Photos for Your Blog »

Are you thinking of starting a new blog, or you just created one? Then you will probably need photos to go with your articles. Finding the right image is not easy, and finding one that is free and not subject to copyright is even harder. I tried to find as many Web sites that offer […]