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photosAre you thinking of starting a new blog, or you just created one? Then you will probably need photos to go with your articles. Finding the right image is not easy, and finding one that is free and not subject to copyright is even harder.

I tried to find as many Web sites that offer free images as possible and post them here. Even if you know where to get pictures for your blog, you may want to check out some alternatives.

I usually visit to download pictures for my blog. Most of the images are free, and some must be purchased. For example, photos that include real life people must be paid for. They have lots of high quality images that go with almost any topic – almost 400,000 photos in total. They are easy to search and you can preview thumbnails before you decide whether to download the full-size picture.

Another service that offers free images is Kave Wall. The photos are divided into categories and again, you can preview thumbnails, which makes it easy to find the image you like quickly. You are free to use the photos for Web sites and for commercial products as long as you “attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor”.

Vintage Pixels is a large database of historical, free-for-use images that are uploaded from photographers across the world. You can use the site’s search engine to look for a relevant picture, or browse categories (by year). You can even upload your own photos for free if you have some.

FreeLargePhotos is another Web site that offers free photos, but this one specializes in large, high resolution images. You can only use them for non-commercial purposes, but you can request special permission from the Web site to use it for promotion of products/services for a $50 fee (nonexclusive license).

FreeRangeStock is special because you can submit a photo request if you cannot find the one you need.

Mayang includes over 3000 textures from architecture, building, fabric, man-made items, metal, nature, plants, stone and wood. They are all free but you cannot use them to sell products.

Other sites you should visit:

Source: Master New Media

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