PC is Better Than Mac

appleIn my laptop buying guide I shortly touched on the PC vs Mac subject, but I didn’t provide my opinion in the matter. It is obvious that I’m a PC user, since my blog is all about PCs and Windows systems. To be honest, I haven’t used Macs for more than a few hours in my entire life. Therefore I cannot speak from my experience, but at least I did some research. I concluded that even though Macs have some great features, I will stick with PCs, no matter what. I will list some of the reasons that confirmed my decision.

You may have seen or heard Mac users bragging about their Macs’ nice looking designs, how their Macs are safe against viruses and how everything looks better in Macs – basically everything is supposedly better in Macs. But they could be wrong.

There are many reasons why Macs are not that great. To be exact, I found 32 reasons at the PC Authority Web site. Here are some of them:

  • Service packs for Macs cost money whereas it’s free for Windows.
  • You want to play games on a Mac? Good luck. 99% of the games are made for Windows.
  • Affordability and comparability – That’s obvious. Macs are much more expensive.
  • Service, support and cost – Macs are very expensive to repair, telephone support is available only for 90 days and there is only one year warranty on all Apple products (or you pay more to extend).
  • Many applications that work on Windows do not work on Macs.
  • They are not that reliable – Programs crash in Macs too.
  • Broadband modems fail in Macs.
  • You can build custom PCs whereas there are only 3 sorts of Macs.
  • Macs are months behind in processor speed.
  • There is much better support for PCs, there is tons of information on the Internet and many IT professionals are available to help.
  • Macs need more RAM to stay reliable. At least PCs have virtual memory.
  • Eject CD/DVD button on a Mac? It doesn’t exist.

Read the rest here.

So next time you hear someone telling you Macs are much better, argue back and let them know about some of the points listed here.

I admit Macs have some advantages too and Mac lovers won’t agree with everything that’s listed here, but I know I won’t be switching to a Mac any time soon 🙂

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