Laptop Buying Guide – pt 1

new laptopSo you want to buy a laptop but you’re not sure how to choose the right one?

There are many things to consider, for example the processor speed, the amount of RAM included, screen size, battery life and finally the price. Before you start shopping, you need to consider why you need the laptop and what tasks you want it to perform. This will affect your choices when selecting a brand, hardware and features. For example, a business man will need a different type of machine than a graphic designer or a gamer.

I hope this guide can help you make a decision. I’ll start with the processor.

When I did my first research a few years ago, I concluded that AMD machines are really good if you are into gaming, but you should go with Intel if you want a stable business machine. So AMD processors are good, but how many gamers use their laptops for gaming? I would say not many. Even if they can afford the best laptop money can buy, there is one thing that they don’t have: a big screen! Today, a 22” or 24″ LCD monitor is very affordable and gamers would go for a desktop PC anyway, as it’s easy to upgrade and you can choose which parts go in.

In 2004, AMD made excellent processors and was on the right track to beat Intel, but since then Intel took over again and established itself as the number one CPU manufacturer. You can see for yourself when you go to computer shops: most laptops come with an Intel Processor.

At the moment, Intel Centrino 2 processors are a great choice as they replaced the Core2Duo CPUs 1-2 years ago. I recommend a Centrino 2 processor with a speed of between 2.5 and 2.8Ghz.

If you want just a basic netbook (those very small laptops), then you’ll probably end up with an Intel Atom processor. Netbooks are used mainly for surfing the net and typing documents and emails and are great for travel. They don’t even have a DVD drive, but they do have USB connections and SD card slots.

Part 2 follows…

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