LogMeIn – Free Remote Access & VPN software

logmein1Do you need to access your home computer from your office or during a business trip? Do you need to fix your friend’s computer without having to visit him/her? If yes, you must install LogMeIn. The software is free for personal use and it allows you to connect to a remote computer anywhere in the world and use it as if you are sitting in front of it.

With LogMeIn, you can connect to your PC at home or to any PC that you add to your virtual network. You just have to sign up (for free), install the software from the LogMeIn Web site (free for personal use or pay for business use), add computers to the network and choose passwords, so only authorised persons can use the connection.  You can install LogMeIn on your laptop and easily connect to your home or office PC while being far away. With the iPhone App, you can even remotely access your PC through your iPhone.

Once you install the software you can also install LogMeIn Hamachi, which allows you to network your devices and easily drag and drop documents and files from the remote PC to your PC/laptop.

The steps you need to follow to get this software are:

  • Go to LogMeIn Web site and register for a free account
  • Download and install the software on each PC/laptop
  • Click on My Computers on the Access menu and then Add Computer
  • Choose a password
  • Connect!

Once you test your connection, go to the Hamachi page and install this software to create your secure Virtual Private Network. Again, this is 100% free for personal use. With Hamachi you can extend your LAN across public and private networks and connect all your PCs, Laptops and other mobile devices to easily share files.

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