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Western Digital Released Fix for Data Loss Issue on Mac while Upgrading to Mavericks »

Hard drives, the major sources of memory (i.e. space for data storage) on computers, are capable of storing many GBs of data. As you know that apart from the internal ones, the hard drives are also available as external and portable sources of memory. However, you cannot be reliant on them always in order to keep […]

Free Software Applications that Let Mac OS X Write to NTFS Partitions »

Being a frequent Mac OS X user, you know that it supports reading NTFS-formatted drives, but not writing to MS Windows formatted NTFS drives; the OS supports HFS file system instead. This is a general consideration; the fact is that OS X supports writing to NTFS, but after enabling the respective feature manually because the […]

A Complete Guide to Understanding Disk Optimization in Mac OS X »

When you work in a Windows environment having a Windows PC at your desk, you need to take account of several things, such as hard drive defragmentation, installing firewall or antivirus software, and much more. However, as opposed to Windows users, Mac users need not dive deeper into such things, as Mac does a fair […]

Reasons Why Mac Users Should Upgrade to Mountain Lion »

July 25, 2012 an animal was uncaged by the Apple Inc. Aptly named the OS X Mountain Lion, it arrives as the ninth release in the series of OS X systems for Macs. This version of the operating system claims to fulfill the wishes of users who were disappointed with its ascendant’s and critics & […]

Advantages of Mountain Lion over Snow Leopard »

The Mountain Lion, touted as the most advanced desktop operating system in the world, makes Apple’s Mac machines, iPhones and iPads and work well together. The OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 is the latest offering on the OS front from the house of Apple. It is an upgrade from OS X 10.7. The latest version […]