Western Digital Released Fix for Data Loss Issue on Mac while Upgrading to Mavericks

WD hddHard drives, the major sources of memory (i.e. space for data storage) on computers, are capable of storing many GBs of data. As you know that apart from the internal ones, the hard drives are also available as external and portable sources of memory. However, you cannot be reliant on them always in order to keep your data protected, no matter how much space for storage they are capable of providing. In fact, even the hard drives sometimes become corrupt due to random causes or when they tend to get too old. A number of computer users around the globe have reported such issues  while upgrading to Mavericks – the latest version of Mac OS X.

Western Digital (WD) – the famous hard drives manufacturer, recently notified all its registered users of external hard drive products about this issue, and now has released a software update to fix it in an efficient manner. According to a report from WD, the latest release of WD SmartWare version 1.3.6 is for Mac OS X and is compatible with Mac OS v10.9, Mavericks.

In earlier times, Western Digital received hundreds of similar complaints, discussing data loss issues after upgrading to Mavericks (i.e. the latest version of Mac OS X). However, as per the company’s technical support hotline and WD Forum, the rate of these complaints was very low. The issue was probably caused due to contradiction in a specific set of both timing and conditions between software utilities and the OS. The data lost due to occurrence of this event can be recovered with professional Mac data recovery software, in case the concerned person immediately stopped using the hard drive.

In order to fix the issues, Western digital developed and release WD SmartWare version 1.3.6 after a long time of uphill struggle. In addition, the company has emailed to all its registered users of external hard drive products that they need to uninstall WD Drive Manager, WD Raid Manager, and WD SmartWare software before upgrading to Mac OS X Mavericks. The newer version of WD SmartWare software released by Western Digital will replace these drives and fix the causes of data loss. However, things are still unclear to those who never installed any such software, and the company must communicate with them regarding this issue.

In case you are willing to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, the following information is what you must have:

Important: Western Digital released WD SmartWare version 1.3.6 for Mac.

  • The update fixes the causes leading to data loss on Macs under certain set of conditions while upgrading to Mavericks, as per users’ reports.
  • Before installing the update, WD SmartWare v1.3.6 software package automatically uninstalls the previous version of WD Driver Manager, in case it is installed on your Mac.

To download the WD SmartWare version 1.3.6 update, click here. After that, follow the steps discussed below in order to install and configure it on your Mac:

  1. Once you download the software update, locate it on your Mac.
  2. Double-click the update installer and follow the steps as per software indications to complete installation successfully.
  3. When the installation completes, restart your Mac as the final step.
  4. Now, launch the WD SmartWare software and go the Backup tab on the software interface.
  5. Select your backup category and set preferences accordingly, and then click Apply Changes.
  6. Now, click Run to resume automatic continuous backup protection.

With the aforementioned settings applied, you can upgrade from the current version of Mac OS X to Mavericks, without having to worry about data loss or a like undesired event.

To find out more about data recovery on Mac OS X (10.5 to 10.9), please visit the Mac recovery page.

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