Best Apps to Protect Your Smartphone

smartphoneThese days a phone is used for a lot more than just making phone calls. People keep sensitive data like passwords, bank account information and personal photos on their devices. Simply put, losing a smartphone is more than just losing a phone book.

There are numerous apps users can download in order to protect the sensitive information on their phones. After all, even the best smartphones, like those offered by T-Mobile, can fall into the hands of the wrong person.


One of the best apps for protecting your smartphone is Lookout. The app, which is available for Androids and iPhones, keeps your phone safe from spyware and malware. One of the best features is that Lookout allows you to track your phone in the event that it is lost or stolen. A step better than that is the ability to re-export important data from your Lookout backup account if your phone can’t be retrieved.

LastPass Password Manager

Not only does LastPass Password Manager work on your smartphone, it also works on your computing device. The app, which is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, creates one master password. After setting up your single password on your Mac, Windows, or Linux computer, the app will then sync your user names and passwords to your smartphone.

My Backup Pro

The My Backup Pro application, available for $4.99, lets you back up your Android device to the Cloud or to your phone’s SD card. This application makes it easy to store, manage, and view data. When users first sign into the app, they are prompted to create a PIN, which serves two functions:

  • To protect non-authorized individuals from accessing sensitive data; and
  • To allow users to view their backed up data on the company’s website

This popular backup app allows for the migration of data from one device to another, and is compatible on all Android devices.

SMS Backup+

Do you want to backup your text messages? If so, then SMS Backup+ is for you. This app provides a terrific means of archiving data. Perhaps you’ve been brainstorming a creative idea with a friend? Or perhaps you’ve happened upon a business solution with a colleague? Don’t risk losing this data – back it up with SMS Backup+ and you’ll be able to access your texts on the Google account of your choice.

Super Backup

This Android app is really quite appropriately named. It allows for manual or automatic backup of a wide range of different data types, including SMS messages, phone apps, contacts, call logs, calendar information, and browser bookmarks. With Super Backup, you choose when and how to backup your data – back it up daily or monthly, to an SD card or Gmail. This app puts control in your hands for easy and reliable data backup.

So if you’re like most people and you can’t afford to lose your smartphone, be sure to protect it with these apps.

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