Advantages of Mountain Lion over Snow Leopard

lionThe Mountain Lion, touted as the most advanced desktop operating system in the world, makes Apple’s Mac machines, iPhones and iPads and work well together. The OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 is the latest offering on the OS front from the house of Apple. It is an upgrade from OS X 10.7. The latest version has 200 new features making it efficient and effective. The technology that OS X Mountain Lion builds on is Apple’s iOS software.

Advantages of Mountain Lion over Snow Leopard:

Snow Leopard was able to catch the imagination of many Mac users when it was first launched. Now, Mountain Lion seems to be drawing the same number of enthusiastic users. Although Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard have many similarities, there are certain incremental changes made to Mountain Lion that make installing it a good decision.

The iCloud: There is iCloud document storage feature in Mountain Lion that is absent in Snow Leopard. By developing on Lion’s basic cloud integration, Mountain Lion’s iCloud is a feature that helps in accessing documents and files stored on the cloud. With this new feature, you can sync all your files, calendars, contacts, messages. This feature connects all your Apple devices together. Once you get logged on to Apple iCloud, you can simply sync all your notes, open safari windows, Game Center, iTunes, messages and all the other Apple accounts.

Share Sheets: This all new feature has been built in many of Apple’s Mountain Lion apps. The share sheet appears on the app you are currently using. This makes sharing easier without having to open a new app and dragging the required file on to it. With this feature, you can send content through emails or messages to sites such as Vimeo, Twitter, Flickr. Although Facebook is not yet included in this list, Apple seems to be working on getting this integration very soon. This sharing feature is not available in Snow Leopard.

iMessage: Now is the time to wish iChat a good rest and welcome on board iMessage. The iMessage feature makes it possible for you to start a conversation on your iPhone while continuing it from your Mac.

Improved Safari: There is improved privacy while using Safari in Mountain Lion as compared to using Safari in Snow Leopard. There is another advantage with Mountain Lion; you can save the entire webpage and not just the links.

Improved Notification Center: Checking up on notifications is not always an easy task. As the likelihood that some notification or the other keeps popping up every now and then is very high. With Mountain Lion, notifications appear on the same spot on your screen. To keep your desktop clutter free, these notifications don’t stay on your screen. They disappear from view until you slide the screen to reveal your notifications neatly listed out for you.

Gatekeeper: This feature prevents you from downloading any software or a program from the Internet that is not safe.

AirPlay Mirroring: The AirPlay Mirroring is a perfect example of Apple’s philosophy of making all devices work well together. With Apple TV you can send all your videos and photos directly to your HDTV wirelessly. Once Apple’s Mountain Lion equipped Mac detects an Apple TV, it will automatically display the AirPlay Mirroring item on its menu.

Twitter: The minute you sign in, Mountain Lion makes it easier for you to share or tweet from any of Apple’s devices.

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