High Definition Rackmount LCD with 1920×1200 1080p video resolution

Wide-Screen-Rackmount-LCDRecently my graphic design class had a discussion on high end video editing.  Several types of software and hardware options were discussed and we got to visit a local company that does production work.  While touring the render farm, we were shown something I had never seen before.  The render wrangler pulled a drawer out of the server rack and popped open a screen.  They were using a high resolution Rackmount LCD with an integrated keyboard drawer to manage the whole system.

I was curious how the one Rackmount Monitor Keyboard combo was handling all of the servers so he pointed out what he called DVI KVM Switch directly below it in the rack.  The KVM Switch also supported high resolution video.  Though they are both only DVI-D single link devices, they support 1920×1200 resolutions as well as a Full HD 1080p.  It really is amazing that all of that computing power can be so easily harnessed and controlled through a combination of equipment that only takes up 2U of rack space.

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