Reasons Why Mac Users Should Upgrade to Mountain Lion

mountain-lionJuly 25, 2012 an animal was uncaged by the Apple Inc. Aptly named the OS X Mountain Lion, it arrives as the ninth release in the series of OS X systems for Macs. This version of the operating system claims to fulfill the wishes of users who were disappointed with its ascendant’s and critics & users are all praises for this mountain terrain animal. What makes this operating system one of the best in Apple’s history? Let’s find out:

Price: Mac OS upgrades are not complicated anymore. Remember those days, when people used to throng around Apple retail stores to get their hands on the latest operating system? Those days are gone now. We witnessed the low profile release of Snow Leopard which was just priced around $29. But, this upgrade seems to be lower than that. Released at the online App Store, the operating system is now available at its cheapest best, $19.99.

Social Media Integration: Social networking sites enjoyed a sound role in the iPhone; the same gets repeated with the Mountain Lion. The integration of Twitter into the OS means that you can tweet from where you are, without needing to change the tabs and windows. Post this; a similar integration will be introduced for Facebook.

Dictation: This speech-to-text conversion software, better known as Siri was first introduced in Apple iPhone 4S. Soon, it went to the iPad and now, it’s here, on the new Mountain Lion. Give rest to your fingers, as you just dictate the words and let the system do the work for you. It even handles the punctuation promptly; simply say a “comma” or an “exclamatory mark” if you want to add a punctuation. Furthermore, it supports various languages such as Japanese, German, French and English.

Centralized information center: This is perhaps the best part of the new OS. It collects all the information like new email alerts, messages, calendar alerts and much more and brings everything to your views on a single place, so that you don’t need to visit different pages to get different information.

iCloud: One of the other interesting features is the Cloud storage of the Mountain Lion. You can now store files on the cloud platform and retrieve them from wherever you are. You can also retrieve them in your other Apple gadgets like the iPhone or iPad.

Game Center becomes hybrid: The earlier game center was just confined to the users and owners of Mac OS, but with Mountain Lion, Game Center is now available for challenge to any user irrespective of the Operating Systems (cross platform). Now, you can just challenge anyone who is ready for a game.

Every Lion needs a Gatekeeper: Gatekeeper feature ensures a safe and secured app downloads. It eliminates you from the worry of downloading any malicious threat like malware or virus. No matter from where you download your apps, the gate keeper makes sure that it’s safe.

Messages: Since the lion gets its gene from iOS, you can see several features of iPhone in your new Mountain Lion like the messages feature. Now, using your new Operating system, you can send and receive messages to anyone who is using an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can even send photos, videos, files and send group messages with a secured feel.

So, if you have any version of Mac operating system which supports a Mountain Lion upgrade, just tame it and reap the best out of it.

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