Mobile Web Traffic Dominated by iPad

ipad1Apple’s iPad dominates the market of mobile web traffic with a share of 98%, says the latest report from Onswipe company, which develops different solutions for content optimization for touchscreen devices and that can track device and engagement data via the aptly-named Onswipe platform.

It was the first study of such type and Onswipe analyzed that web data received from almost 1200 different sites from a period of September 13-20 2012. As Jason L. Baptiste, an Onswipe CEP, commented: “The iPad is clearly a browsing device.”

Among the other leading manufacturers we can find Samsung with its Galaxy Tab various models with 1.53% of the traffic, and Motorola Xoom with 0.21%. Amazon Kindle Fire tablets have a share of 0.11%.

It is noteworthy that Kindle Fire owners spend on web pages by 79% more time than users of iPad. Partially, it may happen due to the fact that the Kindle Fire has a 7-inch screen, what lead to the increasing of page fragments, while the 9.7-inch iPad provides a comfortable environment for web surfing. However, Amazon’s users have 138% more page views per visit comparing with iPad’s ones. And this very stats data may push the developers to the further development of the gadgets with smaller screens.

Speaking about general mobile web traffic, iPad again takes the first place with 54.5% share; iPhone’s share is about 19.05%.

Other very interesting research results show that iPads users spend more time (56.9% time per a session) on web surfing than iPhone users. Again, probably thanks to the better web browsing facilities. As for mobile operating system shares, Apple’s iOS takes 75.12% of a total mobile content loading. It is followed by Android with a 22.3% share and all other OS with just 2.5%.

Moreover, Baptiste has made a note that users of a newly released iOS 6 take about 40.8% of iOS all visitors to the sites that are Onswipe partners. About 250,000 unique iOS users have been studied, and 56.76% of iPhone users have already upgraded their phones to iOS 6, in comparison with just 37.75% of iPad owners.

Apple released the first iPad in 2010, since then the company updated the model each year. In total, the company has sold more than 84 million different versions of the iPad and retains world leadership in the tablet market. And the latest stats will help it to make its development even more efficient.

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