Samsung Strikes Back at Apple

samsung galaxy sSo we have all heard about the news of Apple’s recent lawsuits against Samsung for patent infringements. In the end, Apple was not able to actually hurt Samsung by making them take their products of the market, but instead was given a nice sum of money in a settlement. Now, the tables have been turned on Apple, as Samsung is hitting back with patent complaints over Apple’s newest smartphone release, the iPhone 5. While the case is still a ways off, this is certainly a shake up in the mobile market.

Of course with the September 12th release of the iPhone 5, there will be no recourse to actually block distribution. In fact, there has been a record presale of the iPhone, not to mention that they are already sold out for presale. What it does show, however, is that there is still a large competition to be the top smartphone developer.

The latest in the court rulings made Samsung pay out a $1 billion fine, but also had an unanticipated consequence. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 experienced a huge bump in sales. Apple was claiming the phone’s were too similar, and in fact pushed those holding out for iPhones switch to the Galaxy S3. After all, Apple kept saying how similar the two are.

This suit is mainly coming as the iPhones keep rolling out, at Samsung suspects them to be breaking patent infringements. The cases will most likely go to court in a couple of years after the phones are released and analyzed.

This last fight is in a long line of big lawsuits and competition between the two tech giants. It is yet clear to see if this will boost the sales of the iPhone 5 the way the Galaxy had gotten a boost after the last lawsuit. Most likely it won’t matter as Apple still has its huge following, and those unaffiliated will make their mind up in the coming months. Until then then, this fight will continue to mainly stay in the court of public opinion.

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