The Release of the Highly Anticipated iPhone 5

iphone 5Apple has a tradition of releasing excellent products to the market. On September 21st, 2012, Apple was at it again, and the tech giant released its newest iPhone model – the iPhone 5. The launch of this exciting product has been lauded as the most successful release as it practically outdid the launch of iPhone 4S, which has been the flagship smart phone from Apple. The media slogan attached to the release of iPhone 5 was “let’s talk iPhone”.

The highly anticipated iPhone 5 has many exciting features. It offers all the improvements that customers wanted to see in iPhone 4S. This is a superior model of the iPhone with an unprecedented abundance of features.

iPhone 5 Features

The iPhone 5 smart phone offers what many smart phone users expected and wanted with the launch of the previous iPhone model. The functionality of the iPhone 5 are superior to the iPhone 4S’s. The specific features offered by iPhone 5 include:

4G LTE Support

4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a 4G wireless communication standard that provides about 10 times faster access speed than the speed offered by 3G networks. With the iPhone 5, the downloading and uploading of documents and files to the Internet is going to be much faster. Also, the smart phone has Wi-Fi capabilities so that users can access the Internet from wireless hotspots.

A6 Processor

iPhone 5 offers a whole new experience with its faster and more powerful A6 processor. The processor is two times faster than the processor offered by iPhone 4S. The processor supports many of the activities that users enjoy. For instance, it is able to provide a better gaming experience and faster response times. The A6 processor is engineered to deliver beyond the users’ expectations.

The new iPhone runs on the iOS 5 operating system. This new operating system features more improvements than anticipated. The operating system offers over 200 new features including an improved notification system, iMessage, iBooks and the news stand. In addition, cloud computing is also supported by the operating system. With that, users are in a position to operate iTunes with wireless access from computers and other mobile devices. Photos, documents and apps can also be stored in the cloud.

Larger Screen

Since the original iPhone was released in 2007, all other subsequent releases have made use of the same 3.5″ screen. On the other hand, iPhone 5 features a 4” display screen. The enlargement of the screen’s size has allowed iPhone 5 to provide a larger screen without increasing the width of the phone. The aspect ratio offered by the screen makes it ideal for watching movies.

Longer Battery Life

The non-removable battery in iPhone 5 offers a whopping 40 hours of audio, and it can support up to 8 hours of talk time. However, unlike the previous model, when the battery runs low on power, the user cannot swap the battery and replace it with a substitute.

Overall, iPhone 5 is definitely the best iPhone to date. At just 7.6 mm thick, the phone’s sleek design and elegant look is positioned to woo Apple fans from over the world.

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