Cloud Servers: PC to Smartphone

cloudCloud servers offer many perks for both PC users, and Smart phone users, especially if you’re using both. Virtual storage using cloud servers makes backing up important documents easy, which you can quickly and easily access, as well as being able to share contacts, bookmarks and more between devices.

Cloud apps for your Smart phone offer a direct link to your virtual storage, making all of your information accessible when you’re on the go. Many Smart phones offer free virtual storage at the time of purchase, which is ideal for those handsets with limited internal storage that isn’t expandable. Keeping plenty of free space in your memory will help your phone run smoothly, which makes Cloud services a smart solution for today’s mobiles that suffer from clutter caused by large media files, such as movies or hundreds of photos.

Importing information from your PC to your smart phone, including: your address book, favorites and bookmarks, documents and downloaded media is fast and secure. Students can back up important papers, professionals can share presentations and spreadsheets, all from their home computers.

Many smart phones also have the option to automatically store specific types of data to the connected cloud server, such as those that take up considerable amounts of memory, like photos or video. Every time the designated file type is created, it is automatically stored in the cloud server rather than your phone’s internal memory. These files can then be backed up or shared with your PC, or any other support device. Cloud servers have also made it easy to share with friends, by making files or folders public to users who have a direct link. And with so many virtual storage services available for free, it’s becoming the ideal way to store and backup data.

The author of this article is Chloe Parker, tech and gadget enthusiast and editor for, where she writes about the latest in smartphone news.

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