Facility Management Software for Space Optimisation

space optimisationIn the current economic climate, businesses across all sectors are being forced to scrutinise expenditure and improve operational efficiency. Occupancy costs are one of the largest outgoings for many organisations, yet the vast majority of companies do not possess an accurate understanding of how their shared space is being utilised.

It is estimated that the average business leases or owns around twice the space they need for the size of their workforce, but despite this, most organisations’ face issues with meeting and conference room utilisation. Whilst many companies have woken up to the idea of hot desking and flexible workspace, typical meeting room utilisation remains at only 60%.

This figure may come as a shock to many professionals, who still hear staff complaining that they are unable to find an available room in which to host their meeting. Numerous businesses will identify with the frequent problem of double booked conference rooms, and will bear witness to staff being forced to hold meetings in open office and informal areas. Even worse, a significant proportion of organisations are faced with a lack of resource availability within their own office and have to rely on utilising external meeting facilities which incur significant costs.

The Challenge for FMs

For the typical Facilities Manager under pressure to control FM costs, whilst tasked with improving operational and energy efficiency, resource utilisation is a key issue. They will be all too aware of the need to ensure optimum resource utilisation and occupancy costs through effective use of space. Anyone with Facilities or Operations responsibility also needs to be able to have an accurate understanding of meeting room requirements, both current and in the future, and be able to support a changing workforce, with changing business needs, without incurring infrastructure costs.

Facility Management Software for room booking makes financial sense for organisations and also serves well the complex demands of the people who work for it.

Installing Facility Management Software for room bookings enables staff to book, cancel or reschedule meeting room facilities at the touch of a button. Catering, audio-visual and any other equipment can be ordered; and these services can then be automatically cross charged and invoiced to the relevant department. Booking a meeting, conference or training room becomes a simple matter for any employee, regardless of their location.

Modern web-based room booking systems, such as QFM from Service Works Group, enable staff to book conference or meeting facilities via a “self-service” model, accessing the system via their corporate intranet or over the web. Because web-based Facility Management Software is so accessible, staff are encouraged to use it, both for booking rooms and in the event of a meeting being cancelled, cancelling the reservation, therefore making the space available for others to use. Integration with Outlook also helps people organise attendance at meetings.

Businesses continue to undergo significant change and examine costs more closely than ever before. No-one knows where the future will take us. Organisations are relying on technology to provide a snapshot of how businesses are performing today and drive future plans. Facility Management Software for room bookings is no exception.

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  1. As the person in our organisation with responsibility for ensuring efficient and effective room booking processes, I agree with the importance of having a facility management/room booking software application. It is a crucial operational tool in our business.

    Jennifer | Feb 19, 2014 | Reply

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