How to Convert and Transfer Videos to IOS Devices

videoLoving your Apple device is something that we can understand but that doesn’t detract from the fact that while you are ready to transfer videos and movies to your iPod touch or the iPad or the Mac to watch sometime later, you can get frustrated because the format you have with the movies and videos is incompatible with the iOS. That much has to be suffered. IOS devices after all have their own unique format, something Apple has been pretty open about forever, and if you want your apps or files to function properly it is most advisable to compromise by converting them into Apple usable formats.

That is actually not as hard as it seems. There are tons of websites like that will convert videos from one format to the other for you, with an option of making modifications to volume control, the quality of image (normal or HD) and much more. With such tools available online free of cost, there is no need to fret about knowing how to convert video files for the iOS. But what you should know is which formats are supported by the iOS so you don’t have to waste precious time which could be used to watch a video in converting it for a compatible format when it is already in a compatible format!

For videos then, you should know that any Apple device is compatible with .mp4, .mov and .mv4 extensions. In fact .mp4 is a format most popular which can be used across several platforms and operating systems and is not unique to Apple devices alone. Now that you know this, either go to any video converter or a similar website, or if you convert videos often and have many of them, you might consider downloading and installing a converter such as My Format Factory or Sync iOS which works from your phone. With such programs you can convert videos in bulk and the conversion can happen in the background while you are working on other things. You needn’t upload one video after another and wait to see it done, and then download it or have it sent to your email account – it will happen unobtrusively anyway. IF you are using Real Play, then download the video and click on the conversion button and select your device so the program knows which device it is converting a file from. Once your conversion is done, you have only to transfer the file onto your Apple device.

Transferring the file is simple Just open up iTunes library. Import the file and ensure that the format is in .mp4 or the other format which are compatible with your iOS. Then plug in your iPod, iPad etc, select and drag the video from the main computer library into your iPod library or allow for automatic syncing of all new content to your iOS device. And there you have it. You have successfully converted and transferred videos to your Apple device! The conversion is generally fairly fast, and you will have the added advantage of occupying lesser space since .mv4 tend to be smaller files.

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