Why You Should Update Your Software

windows updateThere are a million reasons to ignore your computers gentle nudges to upgrade your software; and ultimately, none. Consider the following: when you casually tap that ‘ignore’ button, you are saying no to new features that have the potential to make both your personal and business operations infinitely easier.

Software upgrades are much like Big Brother housemates: they are designed to be progressively introduced, giving you the time to get familiar with each one’s function without being overwhelmed by all there is to learn.

There’s also the indelicate matter of bugs. Not the cute Pixar kind, but the species designed to mash the inner workings of your computer. There is one way to avoid the inevitable head banging and braying at the Gods that accompanies the crashing of a computer- update, update, update. Updating your software regularly also helps to prevent the unique shame and horror of having your computer hacked.  While you may not be too concerned with who is privy to your facebook post about the eggs hollandaise you scarfed that morning, all of us have some eye wateringly shameful matter stored within the confines of our computers. Hands up who hasn’t downloaded all seven seasons of Extreme Couponing? More seriously, hackers can access your personal banking details and wreak merry hell before you have time to yelp ‘but it’s a really interesting show!’

One day, children will be taught to brush their teeth, comb their hair, put on their pyjamas and update their software before they go to bed. Don’t underestimate the value of setting aside a few minutes to update your software or take it to a specialist like SuperGeek. If it isn’t broke – fix it before it can break.

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