Connect to a Local and Remote Monitor using VGA over Cat5 Extender

vct-100s-smartavi-cat5-vga-extender-up-to-1000ft-i36077When VGA Extender solutions came along it was a real boon to video technology. Not every business can afford to upgrade all their VGA computer monitors to newer digital models. In fact, some applications have to be rewritten to work with a digital interface. Until that happens, VGA monitors will be around.

We had an application where we needed a VGA over Cat5 Extender at a local manufacturing plant. The company creates foam insulation and added on an assembly line in a new location in the plant. They wanted to have the line foreman monitor the status of the mixing application on a monitor in one location, but have the PC host in a different room over 300 feet away from the monitor. There was an additional requirement to have a second monitor located with host computer so someone could also view the production status from that room. We used a VGA Extender with local access to solve this problem.

We connected Video Extender transmitter to the local VGA monitor output port on the host PC. Next we connected the receiver to the remote monitor and connected the extender using a Cat6 cable. Next, we plugged in the power sources to the transmitter and receiver devices and we fired up the monitors and computer. It worked!

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