Free Computer Help by Volunteer Geeks

free computer helpHave you ever needed free online computer help but didn’t know where to turn? There is a new site called the Computer Help Chat Room, a non-profit service provided by volunteer technicians and computer experts.

Users from around the world join the chat to help each other with problems and questions, and to discuss technology related topics. There isn’t any annoying registration or advertisements, just instant free technical support. All users are welcome to volunteer and help each other at anytime, and it is a great way to improve computer skills and learn troubleshooting and support.

The Computer Help Chat is about freedom. The freedom to fix your computer and receive technical support for free. The freedom to learn about computers and improve skills. The freedom to help others and gain hands on experience with technical support.

The chat also provides basic tutoring on a wide variety of computer related topics. Learn about virus removal, web design, internet marketing, Linux, networking, hardware, and more. The volunteers differ in their specialities and levels of experience. Most of them are employed technicians or students that volunteer because they enjoy helping others, and improving their computer skills and experience.

Why pay to have your computer repaired when you can fix it with the help of a professional volunteer technician?

Click here to join the chat now, and start speaking with a technician. If nobody replies to your question, you can also try their Computer Help Forum where you can be sure to get a good response within 24 hours.

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