What To Do If a Website is blocked

wbsite is blockedIf you’re trying to unblock a specific website, you first must understand why the website is blocked to begin with. Usually websites are blocked by software on your computer that is put in place by the administrator to censor certain aspects of the internet. If you are on a larger computer network such as a work or school network, then a firewall is typically used in addition to censoring software. Blocking a website is as simple as adjusting a few settings, however unblocking a website is a bit more difficult to do.

If you are sick of not being able to access blocked sites, then this tutorial will give you all of the information needed to get you past those pesky restrictions.

Unblocking a Website

To unblock a web site you’ll need to somehow disable or bypass the web site blocking software or firewall that is blocking the web site. The following are a few methods you can use to do this:

Proxy Servers

Proxy servers can bypass filters on the computer. Proxy servers are remote computers that are outside of your firewall, which can easily be accessed via the internet. Your computer connects to the proxy and then the proxy connects with the blocked web site on your behalf. Even if the website is blocked, you can communicate and receive information with it through through the proxy.

Use URL Redirects

There are some websites that allow you to redirect a URL by assigning a different name to it. Once you’ve created a redirect using one of these sites, you can enter the new URL and have site forward you to the blocked web site. Two popular redirect sites include Tinyurl.com and Snipurl.com

Change the Computer’s Settings

This will usually only work if you are not on a network, or if you are not behind a firewall. Sometimes the browser is responsible for blocking the site, if this is the case the settings can usually be changed by clicking the tools tab and reconfiguring the options or security settings. Alternatively, you can simply use a different browser. If it is not the browser but a particular software you can try deleting the software.

Unblock a Web site using Google

Google also offers a number of methods that you can use to access blocked websites:

1. Google Mobile Search

Google’s Mobile search is a good way to bypass certain filters. Google translates normal web pages into mobile pages, and in the process it changes and removes certain aspects of the page. This process can potentially confused site blocking software.

2. Google Cache

Google keeps a cache copy of each web page in its database. Since these pages are copied into Google’s database, in most cases the site will not be blocked. Try searching for the site in Google, and then click cached to the right of the website’s link.

3. Google Proxy

The code below will translate any web page into English. Meaning you can translate a web paged in English back to English using Google almost like a proxy like tool. Just change the URL “www.example.com” to the forbidden site that you are trying to access. http://www.google.com/translate?langpair=en|en&u=www.example.com

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