Top Applications for iPhone Users

iphoneThe Apple iOS is considered extremely secure but you can still make it impenetrable by using some extra third party applications.

Before using any application you need to make your Iphone secure by using whatever security option the iOS has given. Make sure that you put a device lock on your Iphone and also turn the auto-lock on which will lock your Iphone after some time. Choose a pass-code that’s difficult to penetrate and so if someone picks your phone to add any spyware they will fail miserably.

The App Store is filled with hundreds and thousands of applications for your Iphone but the trick is to find the best application for your suitable condition.

The first thing you can do is to install an application that manages all your passwords. There are many applications in the App Store that help secure your passwords all in one place and that’s good for your convenience and it is a secure way as your data is given the most prime security available on the App store. Some of the applications available have an additional feature, they help in creating a password that’s difficult and alpha-numerical, making your password extremely strong and secure so it’s impenetrable. This way you won’t have to think of secure passwords the application will generate them for your convenience.

The best applications for password management are SplashID and $10 application that works like Drop box as it syncs your Iphone’s password data with your PC or Laptops. This application also has AES and Blowfish encryption.

After this you need to secure your Iphone from theft. You can use Apple’s Mobile Me application that assists you with a feature known as “Find My Iphone” and this function when you’re Iphone is lost or stolen. With this application you can easily locate your Iphone through GPS navigation and also lock or wipe the device according to your personal choice.

This is the best application for your Iphone as this assists cloud storage, considering it syncs your contacts, emails and notification on an online account helping you keep track of your data even when you have lost sight of your Iphone.

Apart from MobileMe, there are other applications as well. GadetTrak is an application that only allows device tracking through GPS and the other application Tap Trace helps you send a message to your Iphone, notifying the person of his theft or sending a message about a reward that will be given to the person who gives the phone back.

Once you’ve secured your Iphone against mobile theft and password management the next thing you need to do is keep it spam-free. Your inbox could be flooded with spam and to safe-guard your phone against this you can download an application known as Mobile Active Defense, an application that scans your emails and warns you against those that have malware or spam. This application keeps updating after every 20 minutes and tries to give you prime security. Apart from this you can use Spam Arrest, an application that works like a little detective. When you receive any email it responds to the email automatically, asking for queries and confirmation of identity.

If you don’t want to spend your money on both these applications then download Gmail application for Iphone. Once you’ve set up your account change your settings to that all your emails will be read by Gmail’s spam filters and hence you will receive only those emails that will be safe and spam free.

These little measures will help you guard your Iphone and make it as secure as an Iphone can get.

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