Will Gaming be Better on Windows 8?

gamingThe one brand that pops up in our minds when talking about computer operating systems is Microsoft Windows; such is the dominance and brand power of Microsoft’s Windows in the operating system arena. Dominance can sometimes be a dilutive word when describing Windows, because it was certainly the groundbreaker in the PC operating systems space. It would be right to say that Microsoft’s Windows operating system series for computers and servers empowered the growth of Microsoft Corp. as a prodigious technology company.

Right from its first commercial computer operating system Windows 1.0 to the latest successful Windows 7 Ultimate version, Microsoft has wielded its leading position in the market. The Windows XP and Windows 7 versions were a massive hit among computer, notebook, and laptop fanciers. Though there were notable drawbacks in the latest Windows 7 Ultimate version, Microsoft soon buckled up to launch the Windows 8 version with an objective to provide flawless operating systems for PCs, laptops, and portable devices.

Only time will tell, whether the objective has been achieved or not, but the hype surrounding the launch of Windows 8 is massive and colossal. The major drawback with the Windows 7 version was that it lacked support for gaming, which is uncharacteristic of Windows, when compared to the Windows XP version. The million dollar question doing the rounds is ‘How will gaming be on Windows 8?’ Well, let’s try to get an answer from the Windows 8 Consumer Preview version.

The prime area where Microsoft has done some ground work on Windows 8 is the startup time. Tests conducted by engineers suggest that Windows 8 has a better startup time of 39 seconds compared to the 62 seconds on Windows 7. Microsoft has also focused on improving the gaming performance, which is evident in the reduced memory consumption and DirectX optimization. Tests also revealed that Windows 8 produced about 16 frames per second in DirectX games, which is a considerable improvement from the 14 frames per second produced by Windows 7.

The Windows 8 operating system supports graphic cards such as DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher drivers. The gaming experience on Windows 8 is set to improve drastically on high-end devices. There are far-flung reports that this time around Microsoft will deal with leading game manufacturers such as Ubisoft, EA Games, and Activision by offering a collection of free games in Windows 8.

One thing is certain though, based on my analysis of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, the gaming performance on Windows 8 is going to be better than that of Windows 7. Although, I would advise you to take these tests and reports with a pinch of salt, till you experience it entirely.

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