How to Encrypt Cloud Files?

cloudCloud based storage is widely used to protect the files in a computer. Dropbox is a cloud storage that secures files and folders. SSL is used by Cloud files to maintain secure and encrypted communication. Passwords, usernames or any other personal information cannot be read by a hacker. Users of cloud computing are given an authentication code and API access key which remain a secret.

Recently, there was a security flaw at Dropbox where any one was able to log into any account using any password. Dropbox users faced a major crisis. The files stored in Dropbox do not store data in an encrypted form. The data in Dropbox was easily stolen when the storage device was hacked. Hence the user needs to encrypt the data before transmission.

There are various types of encryption software that can be chosen according to the application you use. Let us take a look at two of the popular ones.

“TrueCrypt” is encryption software that can be used with Windows, Linux and Macintosh. If you are a Dropbox user, an encrypted container is necessary to store the files. The containers can be increased in size or a new container can be opened any time. Installing the software is pretty simple when the prompts are properly followed. Run the software and locate the Create Volume Button. Using the default options, create an encrypted file container with a standard TrueCrypt volume. Remain extra careful that the new container is not created in the Dropbox folder when it is opened. A secure and complex password needs to be created with a maximum of 64 characters. Move the data container to the Dropbox folder. In order to sync the data with the dropbox, move back the data container. However, many believe that Truecrypt does not serve the purpose well.

“BoxCryptor” uses the AES-256 standard to encrypt files. These files can be accessed in all devices. BoxCryptor files can be accessed on Mac OS X and Linux computers. This is a simple solution to maintain individual files and backup. The software’s free version can encrypt a file that is 2GB in size. The unlimited personal version allows encrypting unlimited directory size which costs about $20. Commercials can use the unlimited business plan that costs about $50. Download to install the file and follow the prompts. The software will detect if you have the dropbox installed in your system. Once detected, it will ask if you want to place the BoxCrypor directory in that folder. Click on yes and select a drive letter. Use the BoxCryptor Control tool to enable or disable the filename encryption.

There are two important things to remember while using this software:

• Do not place files directly into the BoxCryptor folder • Never delete the encfs6.xml file in the software folder.

This software is as simple as that. Opt for the simple and most protective encryption software. Even if the Dropbox is hacked, the data or files cannot be hacked.

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