Microsoft removing the Start button from Windows 8?

windows start buttonWindows 8 has many new features like Metro Style Apps and Microsoft Account Integration. Now we are hearing that there is something missing- The Start Button! It used to be located in the Metro User Interface and provided the user access to the settings panel, devices, search options and share options. Now you have a ‘start screen’ where with the mouse or your touchpad, you can switch between the desktop and the Metro UI with no trouble at all. This means a better seamless experience.

If the news that a Windows staple from 1995 will no longer be seen is not comforting to you, then you will be happy to know that the ‘super bar’ has all the features from Windows 7. What you might also like is the ramped up ‘charms bar’ with its quick access icons. You could consider it a replacement for the missing Start button since it serves the same purpose.

The reason behind the move is the company’s belief that the Start menu’s scope is limited and that it is not a good fit for better applications usage. The start screen is not a mere standby for the Start menu but instead intended to be a ‘launcher and switcher’ when it comes to apps, a sort of bulletin board filled with handy notifications that can be personalized to fit your needs. With the screen, you get access not only to applications but also to news about events, people and activities. Since the screen comes with the customization option, users now have more control over tools and how they can be used in groups with commonality. Once done, the apps resemble a folder and you can move from one group to another.

The idea is to make a contemporary, current, dynamic option to the Start button keeping in mind the launch, switch, notify and ease of access for the user in mind. If you think about it, most users just pin their favorite app or most used program to the taskbar or use keyboard shortcuts to get there. So Microsoft’s move is not that out of place. In fact, the company has kept its users and their needs in mind and created what they feel will be useful to everyone. Depending on your use, you can use the screen to get to cool scenarios or stay in the desktop and still find it quick and easy- it is our choice.

The screen by its very nature, works well on a touch screen device but one is not sure if it will work on a PC when it is dependent on external devices like mouse and keyboard. Reviews are mixed on the elimination of the Start button and ultimately, it comes down to personal choice and use.

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