Why Hire Data Recovery Professionals?

hdd2Ever wondered why data recovery professionals are in demand? Simple…if there is one inescapable truth about the data stored on our hard drives, it is this– you’ve no idea how important and valuable it is until you lose access to it.

Like it or not, we live in world today where the buck often starts and stops with cutting-edge technology. In fact, we have become so reliant on technology that our day to day life can come to a standstill, owing to the most common of failures that can make critical data inaccessible. From basic domestic living to high-end corporate environments, we store our lives( figuratively) and other things that are important to us in these tiny little boxes of fragile components – then we wonder what on Earth to do ‘when it all goes south’.

Truth is, you’ll probably have come across thousands of DIY programs and guides, showing just how you can have a go at the job all by yourself. But then, we’re dealing with very critical data day in and day out, and when the ‘disaster’ strikes you need to make sure you recover the lost data safely and securely. Read on to find why professional data recovery is, by far and wide, the best and the safest choice.

Loss of data can lead to:

• Monetary Loss • Legal Issues • Inability to Replace Precious Archives • Loss of Trust in Business Environments

Domestic Data Loss

While it would probably be fair to suggest that the data held on domestic computers and laptops is rarely of any enormous significance to society as a whole, this does not take away from its importance to its owners. If you were to sit back and think of the collections of treasured photographs, music libraries, home videos, documents and other items of value stored on a single home computer, chances are the list would be epic. What’s more, the vast majority of people still make little to no efforts with regard to backing up their important data at home or using the services of a data recovery company, which means most of us are knocking on the door of disaster every day. Also, your home computer might seem strong and infallible, but you’d be surprised just how fragile high-end technology can be if you keep yourself up-to-date with how technology is changing every day, round the world.

Business Data Loss

In the corporate world, data loss can lead to anything from slightly confused schedule to tens of millions of dollars being wiped off of the face of the business – not to mention everything in-between. Not only can the immediate results of corporate data loss be disastrous, but the long-term consequences can, and in most cases, will wreak havoc to your business. So, there is the choice of opting for the DIY data recovery or hiring the most reputable data recovery service provider – and here’s why you should never compromise by opting for the former.

DIY Data Recovery

When a storage device fails for any given reason, there is every possibility that the data has gone corrupt, due to a mechanical glitch. It is here that attempting a manual data recovery effort could see the whole project backfire spectacularly, because in an attempt to continue using or extracting data from a damaged disk, you can end up damaging the rest of the data and render the whole drive redundant. Recovery software makes no allowances for these eventualities; therefore you have zero guarantees that your efforts will not make the situation a thousand times worse than it already is.

The Professional Touch

By involving any accredited and certified expert in data recovery you can ensure extensive examination of the offending hard drive, repairs as and where necessary, imaging to offer full back-ups and a variety of other preemptive measures, BEFORE data extraction commences. This guarantees that no further damage will be inflicted upon the already ailing drive, therefore allowing all saved data to be extracted with ease. In a nutshell, if the contents of your drives are in any way very critical to you, an authority on data recovery services should be your safest bet.

Erik is a 27 year old data recovery engineer. He is a founder of HDD Recovery Services, who specializes in data recovery from failed hard drives, flash memory devices, and RAID reconstruction. Should you require his services please visit the contact page or follow him on Facebook.

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