Best Computer Forums

questionToday I’m offering an interesting resource that every computer user should be aware of – a list of best computer forums.

I’m sure many of us have experienced computer problem(s), be it software or hardware related, and usually we try to find the solution through Google first, before we call the technician. Often, those searches will lead us to a computer forum, where users from all over the world connect and share problems, frustrations, ideas and solutions. I solved many software and hardware related issues by researching topics on forums and asking fellow PC users for help.

A computer forum is a very useful thing, especially when you’re looking for troubleshooting tips or simply wish to learn more about computers, or maybe research the latest software and hardware. You can also get guidance and tips on buying a new desktop or laptop computer and of course, share your own knowledge!

I found the Top 10 Computer Repair Forums and Message Boards at the Computer Technician Web site.

They are:

  1. PC Tech Bytes
  2. Computer Juice Forums
  3. Technibble Forums
  4. Bleeping Computer
  5. Computer Repair Forums
  6. Computer Repair Forum New York
  7. Computer Repair Flow Charts
  8. CyberTechs Messageboard
  9. The Peoples’ PC Repair
  10. Computer Repair

To find the best computer forum, click on one of the links or visit the Computer Technician Web site.

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