New Malware Just for Mac Users

imacApple users beware: Hackers are trying to trick Apple computer users into infecting Macintosh machines with malicious code pretending to be legitimate security software. Apple has warned that there is a phishing scam that directs Mac users to fake websites which pop-up fake virus infection warnings. Hackers then trick Apple users into installing programs that pretend to be virus blockers, but are actually dangerous viruses/malware. The aim of the scam is obviously to steal the user’s credit card information.

How times are changing: Apple computers used to be safe from viruses, but it looks like they are not any more. The rising popularity of the Apple computers and their presence on the Internet must have caught the attention of hackers, and consequently, viruses designed just for Apple are spreading. It was only a matter of time.

To find out how you can avoid and remove the virus, please visit Apple’s support Web site. Also, you should stay away from fake anti-virus programs such as MacDefender, MacProtector and MacSecurity.

Mac users are guided to booby-trapped websites by rigging online addresses to rank high in search engine results for search terms aimed at Mac users (Source: Intego computer security blog).

“This application is very well designed and looks professional,” Intego said. There are a number of different screens, and the grammar and spelling are correct, the buttons are attractive, and it looks very professional and legitimate.”

Apple computer users are advised to guard against threats by keeping programs updated using known security software. In addition, you should not click on any links unless you are certain they are safe.

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