Why do I Need to Use an Anonymous VPN?

Mike Alvarez writes regularly for a premium, anonymous VPN service provider: iVPN.net. iVPN.net provides a top-class VPN privacy service allowing truly private and anonymous web browsing.

shieldAn anonymous VPN gives you added protection and security to all your online activity; everything that you do on your computer that uses the Internet. A VPN (virtual private network) creates an extremely secure “tunnel” that cannot be intercepted in anyway. A VPN protects you by hiding your destination IP address with an anonymous one instead.

So what does this mean to me?

A VPN provides you with online protection. Your Internet Service providers (ISP) are storing all your online activities to and from your computer. Basically a “virtual record” is being built up with a lot of your personal data that could be sold in the future.

Moreover, anyone including criminals could be monitoring your online actions when you use wireless connections at public WiFi hotspots like at airports or coffee shops. An anonymous VPN will guard all your traffic from and to your computer by encrypting it. That encrypted data is now completely useless to anyone as it can’t be deciphered by them.

So why are you concerned?

Imagine if someone parked outside your house, and started watching everything you do. Not only do they watch it but they also write everything down and then they log and record all this information so it will always be available. You wouldn’t like that, would you? Your privacy and those actions belong to you. You should grant access to your private information if you choose to. Your ISPs shouldn’t have free will to your privacy.

All this data can be pieced together which gives identity thieves the power to steal your personal information. Identity theft occurs more often these days as we use interactive Web 2.0 sites. All the information we post to these sites can be gathered by these thieves. While a VPN can’t hide what you say online, for example a status update on Facebook, it can keep other key puzzle pieces secure. This protects your identity as some crucial data will be missing from those thieves. An anonymous VPN service simply adds an extra level of crucial security to everything you do online.

A VPN will send an anonymous IP address to the sites you visit to fool them as to who and where you actually are. Some people question whether this is illegal, but this is completely legal in every way as you are simply increasing your online security. This is your information, you need to protect it, and you decide who has access to it.

We are living in a world where technology advancements are happening faster than we can imagine. The Internet is becoming a super power where personal information is becoming a virtual online currency.

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