PC vs Mac Cartoons for Christmas

dual-bootHere is another funny post, just in time for the Christmas holidays and end of the year. It is finally time for some rest, fun and games after a difficult year, a year full of serious things. This time I have to recommend to you a post with some funny cartoons. Remember those PC vs Mac commercials? Well, someone made an effort to find cartoons with this theme. Rahul from Cool Tips and Tricks found 30 of them! They are all pro-PC and not Mac-friendly, so don’t go there if you are a Mac-lover 🙂

I see it as ‘the revenge of the PC’! Here is an example:

PC vs Mac

Source: http://tpollockjr.deviantart.com/art/MAC-vs-PC-115219637

To see all PC vs Mac Cartoons, please go to Cool Tips N Tricks.

Have fun and Merry Christmas!

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