Avatar: the Movie and the PC Game

avatar1Have you already seen the movie Avatar? If not, I highly recommend it. You should see the 3D version – it costs slightly more, but believe me, it’s worth it! I saw it during the opening weekend and I plan to see it again in January. It already made over $160 mil in the US and over $400 mil worldwide.*

Some people criticise the film’s story but most of the critics and moviegoers agree that the visuals are stunning. If there is any criticism from my side, it’s that the story is similar to Dances with Wolves with Kevin Costner. I give the movie 4.5 stars out of 5 (or A-).

I am pretty sure that the movie will make close to 1 billion dollars worldwide, but it won’t reach the highest grossing movies in the US, Titanic and The Dark Knight.

If you liked the movie and you are into games, you should also check out Avatar The Game. Made by Ubisoft Montreal, it uses the same 3D technology as the movie (displayed in stereoscopic 3D) and it’s available for all major consoles such as Sony Playstation, X-Box and Nintendo Wii, even iPhone and of course, the PC. The PC version is highly praised by MTBS (Meant To Be Seen), because “PC stereoscopic 3D displays are more readily available” and it was given a score of 8.2 out of 10.**

Sources: * Boxofficemojo.com, ** Wikipedia

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  1. How wrong was I! The movie easily beat all the movies in US in terms of box office earnings, and made $2.7 billion worldwide. Respect!

    admin | Mar 13, 2016 | Reply

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