Is it Time to Upgrade Your PC?

diskette1Today I have to show you something special. While visiting a fellow bloggers’ websites, I stumbled upon a funny post at Willem’s Internet Blog.

Willem wrote a nice check list which may help you decide if your computer needs an upgrade. It reads something like: “You know you have to update your PC when…” and my favorites are:

  • your computer store can’t supply any more 5 1/4 inch floppy disks
  • your 10 MB harddisk starts making rattling noises you never heard before
  • when you try to install Windows 3.1 and it complains your system isn’t supported anymore
  • your computer tells you that March 26 2009 isn’t a valid date
  • the only organisation offering spare parts is the local computer museum

For more funny ‘checks’, please visit Willem’s Internet Blog. Enjoy!

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