Linux Or Windows – Which OS Should I Use? »

New at knowing technologies? Probably you are many of those people asking which OS I should go with – Linux or Windows.  In spite of being technical you might not have in-depth knowledge when it comes to choosing OS. If it is confusing to you then relax, let’s find it out in this article which […]

How inbuilt Windows Utilities Can Help You Recover Data from Hard Drives »

For almost all computer users hard drives are the major data storage media, which store all their personal as well as business critical data. Sometimes, with much precious data in it, the hard drive fails and all the data becomes completely inaccessible. The reason behind hard drive failure can be anything from virus attack or […]

Windows Security Updates »

If you work on windows, you might have often been bombarded with prompts about how updates are available for your computer and that you are recommended to download and install them. You might be asking yourself the utility of these updates and whether they do anything other than consuming more space on your computer’s disk. […]

Three Reasons for Windows Search Problems »

This guest post was contributed by Tibor Schiemann, President and Managing Partner, TuneUp blog. Have you ever had trouble finding that file or email that you just know is on your PC? If your search has come up empty one too many times, there is likely something wrong with this Windows Vista and Windows 7 […]

How To Find Your Windows/Office Product Key »

There will be a time when you may have to find product key of your installed Windows of Microsoft Office software. This could happen if you have to reinstall your operating system, and you don’t have the original installation CD, or the sticker on your desktop PC is unreadable. You may be able to find […]