Linux Or Windows – Which OS Should I Use?

linuxNew at knowing technologies? Probably you are many of those people asking which OS I should go with – Linux or Windows.  In spite of being technical you might not have in-depth knowledge when it comes to choosing OS. If it is confusing to you then relax, let’s find it out in this article which will help you to decide suiting your technical requirements.

Technically speak, both OS are efficient in handling the website, but it actually comes to the system preferences, your own comfort level and of course your personal choice. However, there are few things to keep in mind before shortlisting your preference. Here they are:

Linux Operating System

Linux is an open source OS that was designed and developed in the year 1991. The OS is a derivative of another operating system named Unix which was developed in mid-seventies hence, this operating system is been there since many years. In today’s date, Linux has got tremendous hold over the websites on the web. It is said that about 75% of the websites are hosted on this operating system and they are all success. You might be surprised to know that in today’s date too the quickest computers runs on Linux OS.

It is a reliable and sturdy operating system and most importantly it is free which means you do not have to pay a single dime to use it. Hence, your hosting plan will surely costs you less compared to Windows OS. Linux OS then was created and designed by brilliant developers across the world under the open license and for that similar reason it has been free of cost available. Linux OS has repeatedly proven fact that it is the most efficient, reliable and robust solutions for any web serving server.

If your website is based on Perl, MySQL, PHP scripts or PHP developed in XML pages that it is recommended that you host it on Linux. This OS comes in variety of flavors like Fedora, Free BSD, Suse Linux, Ubuntu, Red Hat Linux, CentOS, and Gentoo. Some of the most renowned portals like LinkedIn, Amazon, Facebook and many more run on Linux OS.

Coming Over To Windows OS

startWe all know the fact that Windows is the famous product of Microsoft which is billion dollar company. About 95% of the computers are designed and created by Microsoft. Its Windows OS is avidly trusted and accepted by millions of users worldwide.

Windows 2008 and 2003 are presently the latest one and high capacity server OS. Windows OS is said to be an ideal OS for those computer users who are using Active Server Pages (ASP) or other sorts of Microsoft applications that are useful in designing the websites. Moreover, hosting website on this OS is advantageous if you want to employ some database within your website. Hosting website on Windows OS has its own privileges though, the costing could vary.

Depending upon your website requirement, both the OS have its own advantages and disadvantages. You thoroughly need to consider all the points, their working pattern so that you can have the best OS for your website.

Author bio: Adrian is a technician and computer expert who works in a reputed computer repair Fort Lauderdale Company. He love surfing web and spends most of the time at social networking sites such as Facebook whenever he is free.


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