DVI-D to VGA Video Converters: Extending the Life of Existing Equipment Saves Thousands of Dollars

dvi-d to vgaDVI-D to VGA Converter, also known as a digital to analog video converter, is a type of video conversion device that changes a DVI-D video signal over to a VGA video signal. The main benefit is that is allows you to connect a device with this newer DVI video connection to an older type of display that requires a VGA input. This is effectively enabling you to prolong the life of your existing equipment as you migrate to current technology standards over time.

There are a several types of DVI to VGA video converters and each one is designed with its own features or benefits, with the main one being the basic conversion of your digital video signal to an analog video signal. Other features might include the ability to transmit audio through the converter along with video. Some models may include multiple types of video formats that are allowed to be converted to VGA, such as both DVI-D and HDMI – this is called a multi-video converter or multi format video converter.

Still others may have pre-set video resolutions they are compatible with, while another model may include dip switches that let you change the video resolution capabilities on the fly. All are very important features that have their own distinctive advantages depending on the type of configuration which the DVI-D to VGA Video Converter will be used.

These units are simple and easy to setup with plug and play technology with no drivers or software required to function correctly. All of these units are built to handle a variety of display resolutions that can range from 640×480 all the way up to 1920×1200 or 1080p, dependent upon the model or version of the DVI to VGA adapter. Its lightweight and compact design is also beneficial as it allows for you to locate the device in an out of the way area without taking up an abundance of space.

DVI-D to VGA Video Converters provide an excellent way for many different users get more out of their existing equipment and potentially saving thousands of dollars along the way. These devices are often used in medical environments where existing video equipment cannot be easily replaced or upgraded or has been outpaced by current display technology.

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